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EV Charger Installation Los Angeles

Electrical panels provide power to your house or business. You should regularly check the panels for wear and tear signs. Here are signs that you can look for;

  • If your lights flicker or dim when you turn other appliances.
  • You have to unplug one appliance to be able to use another.
  • Rust and warmth around the panel.
  • Your breakers are constantly tripping.
  • You get small shocks when you are using appliances and sparking on power outlets.
  • A burning smell

High Quality at Low Rates

Our team of well-trained electrical techs provides the highest quality of service. When you need to Install, Repair, or Upgrade your Electrical Panel, we offer you low rates without compromising on quality.

We work well with your other contractors. So, if this is part of a larger job, we help make the arrangements.

Bright City Electrical has one mission—to make sure your lights stay on!

Our electricians are certified with more than 20 years in the industry. Therefore giving us the hands-on knowledge and skills needed to install your Electrical Panel correctly and safely.

We have a reliable and loyal staff that you can trust and depend on to Install or Repair your Electrical Panel. Further, we strongly believe in giving you our absolute best. So, every project is important to us, no matter how big or small. We are experts in our trade. And we will always keep you educated on your task or project, both at home and at work.

Best Electrical Panel Installation and Repair Service

Bright City electricians have the training to provide you with the best Electrical Panel Installation and Repair Service. Even more, our technicians have years of experience. And so, their hands-on skills help solve your electrical issues.

Using the most up-to-date systems, Bright City guarantees a safe installation of your Electrical Panel. Thus, always in line with safety standards and stay within the strictest rules. Then you know your electrical problems are secure in the hands of Bright City.

We are proud of our quality and, our projects vary from small-scale residential repairs to special large projects. When you need to Install, Repair, or Upgrade your Electrical Panel, call Bright City. We offer FREE quotes.

We were referred to Nadav and Bright City by Tesla to install our garage charger and are so glad they did! He's a gentleman and runs his business very professionally. He calls back immediately; his work is excellent and is very knowledgeable about the best location in the garage to place the outlet.
We are very pleased with his work and highly recommend him.

When to Upgrade your Electrical Panels

Generally, electrical panels need to be replaced every 25 to 40 years. An electrical panel that is overloaded or outdated can be dangerous. Electrical fires are a real danger to your safety. Electrical concerns should be addressed immediately.

Electrical Panels upgrade might be what you need because of the increasing demand for power due to the growing use of devices and appliances. To get rid of frequent tripping, appliance malfunctions, and annoying power interruptions is another reason why you should upgrade your electrical panels.

Electrical Panel Upgrade Benefits

There are several compelling reasons why you should upgrade your electrical panel;

Increased power supply

We use electricity to undertake almost all daily tasks. The power supply in your house should be sufficient enough for present and future needs. An old electrical panel will not be able to support your electrical needs. Old homes have about 100 amp main electrical panels, while current homes require about 200 amp main panels to support modern appliances.

Safer circuit breakers

Upgrading your panel involves replacing electric fuses with circuit breakers, which are more efficient and do not trip off in case of a power overload. A wrong fuse can cause a fire hazard, requires more effort to replace and increase safety concerns. Circuit breakers prevent electricity from flowing when the current gets too high, which is an important safety feature.

Property insurance Discount!

Electrical panel upgrades go a long way in reducing your homeowners' insurance. Your insurance premium is determined by assessing different factors, including your home's security against electrical fire. A discount on your home insurance is a good reason to upgrade your electrical panel.

Saves Money

An upgraded electrical panel will save you money. The new panel ensures that all your appliances get enough power to run efficiently. A reliable power supply also reduces damage to appliances and devices. This will reduce your electrical bill and save on the cost of repairing or replacing your appliances and devices.

Increased Property Value

Increased home value is another hidden benefit to upgrade your electric panel. An upgraded electric system improves your infrastructure, adds value to your house, and makes it more marketable. People look for houses with a secure electrical system because it has a lower risk of electrical fires.

Our team pays attention to detail and uses the most up-to-date solutions. We guarantee a safe, dependable service that is in line with safety regulations and standards. Our office support staff will ensure that we will prioritize your needs and your expectations exceeded.

Let Our Skills Work for You

Bright City Electrical has the tools and skills to provide you with the best Electrical Panel Installation and Repair Service. And so, From small electrical repairs to complete new construction installs, we do it all. Lastly, We provide Electrical Panel installation for any industry in Los Angeles County.

We deliver:

Our team of expert electricians dedicates themselves to high quality on time and on budget.

As a Company Bright City is:

  • Committed to our work.
  • Keep our word.
  • We do what we said we would do when we said we would do it.
  • Treat your property with respect.
  • Never cause unnecessary damage.
  • Always clean up after ourselves.

Our customer care staff is always on hand to help in any way because your satisfaction is important to us.

Why Hire Us to Install Your Electrical Panel?

We work hard to earn your trust because We’ve earned the trust of thousands of homeowners and business owners in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas by providing quality electrical work at fair prices. No hidden fees. We charge what we quoted you before the job started.

When you need to Install, Repair, or Upgrade your Electrical Panel, Bright City Electrical delivers value. We listen carefully and respond quickly. At Bright City Electrical, you are family, too.