Delivering fast, high quality electrical work at reasonable rates.

Electrical Services

We offer a wide range of services from maintenance services to renovations and new construction for residential, commercial, and industrial clients.

electrician fixing unit of an air conditioner
A/C Circuits

Larger appliances like air conditioners are powered by 240/250volt circuits and are "hardwired"...

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bathroom exhaust fan
Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Make a room more pleasant, comfortable, and healthy by installing an Exhaust fan.

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celing fan in modern bed area
Ceiling Fans

Not only are ceiling fans a superb addition to any room, but they also contribute to air circulation.

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workers pulling high voltage cables
Commercial Services

We are licensed to install electrical services for all commercial spaces. retail shops, warehouses, offices and more.

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living room chandelier
Custom Residential Lighting

Good lighting is necessary to carry out day to day tasks at home, at work, and contribute to security.

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circuit breakers in control box
Dedicated Circuits

Your house is wired with separate circuits to spread power consumption. Circuit breakers are designed to trip ...

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multipule dimmers controller

Dimmers are used to increase or decrease the amount of light gradually. They're suitable for ...

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private electric charging station for electric car
Electric Vehicle Chargers

While some electric car models can technically be plugged into a typical outlet, doing so comes at greater risk.

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electrician inspecting cabling of high voltage
Electrical Engineering Services

Do you need electrical engineering services and support for plants, factories, and shops?

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electrician working on panel with brakers
Electrical Panel Upgrade

Electrical panels provide power to your house or business. You should regularly check the panels for wear and tear signs.

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electrician troubleshooting high voltage line
Electrical Troubleshooting

Electrical problems in your home, office, or place of work? Our electricians can help any electrical troubleshooting

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burnt out power outlet
Emergency Service

Did you lose power in part of your house, and resetting your circuit breakers didn't help?

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ethernet cable for network connection
Ethernet Wiring

Need to install several network points within a home, small office, or cabling entire buildings?

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big backup generator for house or building

Are you prepared for emergencies resulting in a loss of power to your home or business?

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restoration of old building
Historic Renovation

It can be challenging to install or maintain an electrical system in a historic structure.

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smart home controlled by smart phone.
Home Automation

Home automation systems integrate your devices to a central hub, creating a "smart home".

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electrician put cables in socket
Home Rewire

Electrical wiring is prone to wear and tear that occurs over the years. Faulty wiring is a serious fire hazard.

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luxury home theater
Home Theater System

Looking for a amazing home entertainment experience? Upgrade your Video, Sound and Lighting.

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pipe of electricity line for electrical conduits system
Industrial Services

We offer electrical solutions for warehouses, factories, and production plants that are in line...

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electrician inspect panel
Inspections and Permits

Buying or selling a home or need a professional report on the condition of the electrical system.

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intercom at the door of a building with security camera
Intercom Systems

Gone are the days where intercom systems were confined to businesses and apartment buildings.

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bright luxury samsung showroom
Interior Lighting

Depending on your preferences and with the proper luminaire, you'll create the appropriate atmosphere in every room.

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home garden lighting
Landscape Lighting

Enhance your home's architectural features by lighting pathways, trees, yards, and parking areas.

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modern motion sensor on wall
Motion Sensor

Protect your home or business with motion sensor security lighting as they react to movement.

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Electrical Wiring in New Construction
New Construction Wiring

Running electrical wiring in new construction typically happens after the framing is complete.

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recessed ceiling
Recessed Lighting

Bring brightness to any dark rooms Recessed Lighting is a good option to provide evenly distributed lighting.

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security cctv camera
Security Cameras

Monitor your home or business get alerts, and increase peace of mind by installing CCTV system.

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carbon monoxide detector
Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

You shouldn't overlook safety devices such as smoke and carbon detectors. And while...

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title24 compliance
Title 24 Compliance

Title 24 Compliance was introduced by the California Building Standards Commission to respond to California's energy crisis.

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medium voltage transformer

Transformers can increase the voltage, also known as stepping up the voltage or decreasing the voltage, also known as stepping down the voltage.

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